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Note: To make one of these your desktop background image (Windows Only), left click the thumbnail to see the full size image in your browser, then right mouse click on the large image and choose 'Set As Wallpaper'.

I think it looks best if you have your display properties set to 'center' (rather than stretch or tile). To check this, right mouse click in any open spot on your desktop and select Properties from the popup window. (Click on the 'Appearance' tab at the top of the Display Properties popup window and select black as your desktop background color for best effect.) Check your display property settings and Enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I used to have to left click, then right click then set to make the image my background, but now I can just right mouse click and set. How so?
A: I used to create thumbnails to save on page load time, but now am just presenting a thumbnail of the full sized image to minimize the amount of work involved and to reduce the sheer number of files involved.

Q: Some DeskToppers images have _3d_ in the name. Why?
A: I put _3d_ in the name to let you know that the image is a 3D render. More and more these will be by me (but from time to time there will be images rendered from someone else who has contributed). There will be more and more 3D renders as I learn more about this fascintating discipline! Other images will have _ff_ in the name = Filter Forge (an image effect filter system) and still others may have _lb_ = my cousin's initials (she's been providing some paintings for use in DeskToppers). File names with _ps_ indicate that the image was created completely in Photoshop. So something like: 2010_04_3d_ps_ff_Forest_Morning.jpg would indicate that a 3D rendering of a forest scene was modified with Filter Forge and Photoshop. And of course ws_ indicates that the image is a 1440x900 wide screen image.

Q: Why do some months have more DeskToppers images than others?
A: Some months I am more productive than others, or simply can't wait to post some particular image. On average there should be about twelve images, plus the widescreens and also the hidden image (have you found it yet?).

Q: Where do you get all the pictures?
A: I am a graphics and web designer so have lots of images on CDs, stock photos, images I create myself from scratch, or from tutorials. All the images here are meant to be used as DeskTopper backgrounds.

Q: How come there ain't nothin' in holes?
A: By their very nature they are empty spaces. That's just the way it is.

Q: What are the names of all the places in the scenery shots?
A: Some of these scenery shots are actually 3D renders - completely computer generated! If there is a name I try to indicate it in the image title, if it's not there I probably don't know.


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